How to Start a Greeting Card Business

Even in today’s digital era, people share paper made greeting cards on special occasions as a message of their love and caring for each other. As such, the greeting card business continues to grow, despite the new form of greeting cards – the e-cards. The greeting card business industry is worth over $7 Billion annually, and continues to expand. Starting a greeting card business is can not only mean a lot of money, it can also be a lot of fun.

If you can have your creative juices regularly flow out in the form of words, verses and designs that depict love, care and affection, you can easily turn your passion or talent into a highly profitable greeting card business. The market potential is huge, and is only growing in size by the day, as people still love to receive personal greeting cards and good wishes in their post boxes. To capture a sizable chunk of your target market, you need to let everyone know that you sell the best greeting cards and just deliver what you promise. If you can design greeting cards with words that can emotionally move people, then you can easily get your very own greeting card business off the ground, and quickly take it to the next level of growing into a favorite brand.

Here are a few basic, yet very important, tips on starting a greeting card business.

Research your market

Start with studying your competition. Find out what makes them stand out when compared to other players in the greeting card business. See what kind of words and cards sell the most.

Be different

Once you know what your competition does, you know what else you need to do. Now, you might not get an idea in a snap, but if you give it some time and thought, you’ll strike up on something phenomenal. It’s how your subconscious works around your passion for greeting cards. So, try to be unique, differentiate your greeting card business from the rest and you’ve pretty much created your own new customer base.

Get the materials ready

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or outsourcing this task, it’s very important to be involved at all steps in your greeting card business, because you have to be sure of what you’re doing. You might want to purchase the craft material and colors if you’re designing the greeting cards yourself. Alternatively, if you’re outsourcing the task, you should find a creative, reputable, affordable and reliable printing company that can cater to your needs, and/or a graphics designer with some experience of having worked in a greeting card business before.

Have at it

Do what you do best and start creating your portfolio of cards.

Now, you’re ready to go and sell your greeting cards to your target market. Here’s what you can do to launch your greeting card business into ‘sales mode.’

Create awareness

Tell your friends and family that you’ve just started a greeting card business, and that you might have some great deals if they wish to buy.


Talk to gift and greeting card stores in your neighborhood, pharmacies and conveniences stores, and ask them if they’ll help you sell a few greeting cards through their storefront, in exchange for a commission on every card sold. If the store is a franchise of a popular chain of gifting and greeting card stores in your city, you’ll have almost immediate access to a wider audience. Make sure and have samples to show.

Get Online

Just where you are right now. Yes, even though e-cards are popular online, people still purchase ‘real’ greeting cards that you can touch and feel on the internet. It’s just more convenient to do it, and is probably way more powerful for a greeting card business, just like it is for any other business venture. Perhaps, you can even set up your own website, rather than just promoting it online through other websites.

One excellent angle you can use in this business is to offer one-of-a-kind, unique cards that can’t be purchased just anywhere. People love having something exclusive as opposed to mass-produced.


Set up a booth at your local flea market, sell them at craft shows, or start an exclusive mail-order/online store.

If you plan properly and are creative enough, you can jump start your very own, soon to be successful, greeting card business in no time flat (well, almost). After that, it’s just a matter of scaling up your greeting card business to help it grow into a full-time income stream and a successful business venture.

Here are some great books on how to start a greeting card business.