Flyer response rate

Typically, you can expect a response rate of 2-3% for flyer advertising. For every thousand flyers you hand out, you should get 20-30 customers replying to your ad, depending on your industry. The actual “sell” rate from those replies will vary.

You can increase your response rate by:

1. Creating a professional, user friendly design for your flyer.

2. Targeting neighborhoods that are most likely to use your product or services.

3. Ensuring that the flyer is delivered exclusively or, at the very least, without any ads from competing businesses contained in the same package.

4. Your message should be about what you can do for the customer (how you can solve a problem for them) instead of simply droning on about your company.

5. Offering something of value with your flyer such as a discount coupon. Coupons are also a great way to measure the response rate from a particular campaign.

6. Including a “call to action” such as a limited time offer.

7. Ensuring that the delivery company follows a certain professional protocol when delivering to people’s homes. Throwing the flyer in the driveway, allowing the wind to scatter papers around their property, or walking across a lawn, may be all it takes to discourage potential customers.

Anyone can get a flyer to a potential customer. Whether that flyer gets discarded with the rest is determined by its message and appearance. Once at a customer’s door, your ad only has a few seconds to get someone’s attention.

Make sure it stands out!