Flyer printing


Once you have the master in hand (or the file on a disk), you can have your flyer printed at any one of the large print-on-demand shops (Kinkos, Staples). Your cost should be about 3-5 cents/sheet for regular size 8 1/2×11 black and white – 20 cents and up for color. These print shops specialize in high volume color and black and white xerographic printing. The quality is usually top-notch and pricing varies depending on the quantity. One way to save money here, and as an alternative to expensive color printing, is to get your black and white flyer printed on colored paper for a few cents more per print. If the design is good, it can look fantastic on the proper colored background.

Offset printing

If you have the need for a large quantity of flyers (10,000 or more), it might be cheaper for you to have it printed on an offset press. Offset is the traditional method of printing using plates, ink, and paper. Setup is expensive because of the process involved with preparing an offset job (film, plates, etc…), but the longer the press runs, the cheaper each impression becomes. Eventually all you are paying for is the ink and the paper.

An offset printer, or commercial printer, will follow industry standards and require that your files are prepared a specific way in order to be considered “press-ready.” They will assume that you have some knowledge as to the proper file prep methods (or have someone available that does), and are able to converse with them using the proper jargon. Knowing that many of their customers are not graphics professionals, most shops offer a setup service for a fee. Expect to pay between 50-75 dollars per hour to set up your files.

Offset printing offers some of the highest quality available as well as being able to print on many high quality card stocks and glossy paper.