Flyer distribution

Once you’ve inspected and taken delivery of your flyers, you need to get them to your potential customers. This is where the real work starts. Again, you can choose to do this yourself, or have a flyer distribution company, newspaper, or post office flyer service handle things.

Check with your municipality (city hall) and ensure that it is legal for you to distribute your own flyers. Some cities and towns have bylaws in place to control door-to-door sales. Even though you are not selling anything directly, or interacting with the customer, you could still be grouped within this category. You might even need to buy a license to distribute your leaflets.

Additionally, you need to be mindful of potential littering issues. As an example, many areas have banned placing flyers on vehicle windshields because most get thrown on the ground in the parking lot. As well, you need to be mindful of where the flyer is placed at your customer’s residence. Throwing them in driveways, bushes, or anywhere other than the front door could result in littering fines. Most often these fines are levied per incident.

If you still intend to deliver them yourself, you will need to calculate how many you can do per hour, and then decide what your time is worth. A fit person should be able to distribute 800-1000 per day in a suburban style neighborhood where the houses are close together. Avoid delivering before 8am and after 6pm.

If you decide to go with a service, expect to pay 3-12 cents per flyer. The price varies greatly according to geographical location and how the flyer is delivered. Most companies can charge a low rate (say, 5cents) because your flyer will be delivered along with those of other businesses in a plastic bag or inside a newspaper. The price increases if you require any service outside of their normal routine (targeting certain neighborhoods, or wanting exclusivity, for example). Most services offer a price break for larger quantities.

Insist on some assurance that each and every one of your flyers reaches a customer’s door. Ask the distribution company what kinds of checks they have in place to prevent fraudulent activity. Many companies do spot checks in neighborhoods immediately following a delivery to ensure everything is above board. Others have adopted GPS technology to track their carriers.