Creating Your Own Flyer

Today, creating your own custom flyer has never been easier. In the past, the job of flyer creation was left up to a desktop publisher or graphic artist – professionals with expensive software and the knowledge to use it. Back then, your only options were to pay a premium price for your design, or try to muddle through with nothing more than a word processor. Today, anyone can produce a reasonable product with the numerous programs and templates available. Products such as Microsoft Publisher, Smart draw, and Xara are revolutionizing the industry.

If you decide to have a go at designing your own, there are essentially 3 groups of software available:

Novice – This group consists of programs like Microsoft Publisher and Smart Draw. With the use of templates and clipart, you can produce a quality product in a short time-frame. The downside is that many others could be using the same template. Expect to pay $150US for Publisher and $200US for Smart Draw.

Intermediate – This group includes products such as Xara. It requires more skill to use, but the increased functionality of this intermediate design software will be evident. Though it takes more knowledge to produce a quality design, it is still a good comprise between the low and high end of the scale. Xara retails for$79US, and Xara extreme sells for $199US.

Advanced – Here we have products such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Page maker, Adobe Photoshop, Quark, and Corel Draw. These are professional graphic arts programs and are utilized by people in the industry – graphic artists and desktop publishers. The learning curve is quite steep, and many of these professionals have been in the industry for years perfecting their art. In order to use this software to its full potential, it’s recommended that you start by taking an introductory course. Many entrepreneurs don’t have time to master software at this level. Expect to pay over $500US for each software package.

Though you will save money by designing your own flyer, you need to take into account the cost of the software (will you make use of it on a regular basis?), time involved, and the quality of the finished product. Is it feasible to spend a month learning a software package you will use only casually at best? By hiring a designer you will save time learning the new software, time creating the flyer, and also have a higher quality product in the end. Designers don’t (or shouldn’t) use templates.

Furthermore, a professionally designed flyer will likely perform better once it reaches your customer’s hands. People will judge your business (especially if they haven’t heard of you before) when they look at your flyer. A professional design can be the difference between getting a sale, or not.

Depending upon whether you need a black and white or color master, expect to pay $50-$150 for a one-of-a-kind custom flyer design that you will surely use over and over again.